Welcome to the MOO WORLD, world of art is called NORTHERNMOOLANDIA


Its a dream. MOO is a philosophy. About humorous, beautiful and full life. Its action philosophy to live in balance in humorous way.  MOO DO.

2016 January I decided to start MicroNation called NorthernMOOlandia . Where everyone can join, where everyone can get own personal number, where all the mistakes are ok, where you can enjoy, and you can be exited, be in love, make art, sing, have sauna... everything. I´s MOOmatriarchy. We dont have land yet, but planning to rent some. We have some citizens and you can be part of us too. Just contact info _at_northernmoo.com, and you can have new life.
One part of the dream is to start a MOO Sauna - Moo Cafe somewhere - Stockholm, Helsinki
Business ID 2626047-6, Northern MOO.

Buy some art and positive feeling to your home

We have aquarelles for you to buy, we can offer you art courses at Norrbyle Art Residence, Väddö, Stockholms Län.

Please dont hesitate to contact via email oneordai__at__gmail.com or by social media


Here you can get to know NORTHERNMOO art and philosophy. All paintings are for sale! Just contact via mail oneordai at gmail.com or social media, or you are allways welcome to visit us at Norrbyle Art Residence or Helsinki home, to see paintigs on live